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Grinding Wheels, Discs and Mounted Points

As the UK distributor for Kinik we supply a complete range of abrasives including vitrified bond, resinoid bond, rubber bond, magnesia oxychloride bond.

Suppliers of Grinding Wheels, Abrasive Products & Friction Coatings.

The company is now managed by Mr Ian Beeson – Director, and in 2013 , became part of the Swift and Whitmore Ltd Group.

We provide an extensive range of high quality grinding products such as Grinding Wheels, Diamond Tooling Coated Abrasives, Diamond Wheels, Tools, Files, Dressers & Compounds at competitive prices for all your abrasive needs and through sustained investment and growth, the company can name within its customer base some of the largest UK and International manufacturing companies. We provide technical assistance on abrasives and grinding solutions and are now the largest distributor of abrasive products covering all industry sectors in the north of England

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